Sunday, March 18, 2007

So it's St Patrick's Day... vodka and ORANGE for me.

It's a reasonably big thing here - mainly as an excuse to drink, drink and then drink some more. I go along with it for the social stuff but I really have issues with the Catholic church. It's my one real prejudice.
Growing up in Liverpool is why - it's a city that was clearly divided into Protestant/Catholic camps (and probably still is). It even governed which football team you followed. My grandmother was in The Orange Lodge and we used to have to go watch them march in their processions through the streets. It's kind of ingrained in me I'm afraid. I still don't have my ears pierced because, when I was a kid, that was a thing that only Catholic girls had done. Weird, huh.
I studied the Reformation at uni and that certainly didn't dispel any prejudice - probably reinforced it if anything. I won't even start on the policies and practices of the church today - I'd be here all day!
But, I'll go along to the Tav, drink vodka and orange and be social. :)


Janet said...

Wearin' a bit o green?

Julie said...

Ha, definitely not. It just so happens that green is my least fave colour. I wonder why?
Neutral blue is my colour today.

Shirl said...

bite your tongue, missie! Green is good!

Julie said...

Haha, I guess there is the odd exception here and there.