Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen things about me to help you get to know me better:

Thirteen places I want to visit when I turn 55 and collect my superannuation:

1. Liverpool, England - where I was born and lived until age 12.
2. St Petersurg - the Winter Palace especially.
3. Florence - for the art
4. Rome - for the history
5. Tuscany - why not?
6. Paris - the Louvre, etc.
7. Scotland - 'cos I never went there as a child
8. Cornwall - where I did go as a child and I want to see if my memories are accurate. I remember the wind, the sand that was really crushed shells, tiny cobbled streets and ice-cream to die for.
9. Macchu Picchu - for the history
10. Egypt - for the history
11. Thailand/Vanuatu/Fiji - somewhere with pristine beaches and crystal clear water
12. Australia's top end - I've been as far north as Cairns (Qld) and Alice Springs (NT) but the rest of the top end is a mystery to me.
13. Last, but by no means least, a little farm somewhere in Michigan.
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Shirl said...

What wonderful company my little farm is in! Sierra and Snuzzles and I are looking forward to this! (You just made my day, kiddo!)

Janet said...

You're a Liverpudlian! Who knew! I always wanted to visit, as a Beatles lover :-)

Julie said...

Shirl - :D
Janet - you'd never know to listen to me. Definitely an Aussie accent now.