Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen people I would like to meet....
1. Leonardo da Vinci - just to see what makes a genius tick.
2. John Lennon - the best of the Beatles by a country mile.
3. Dorothy Dunnett - one of my favourite authors. I'm in awe of her historical research.
4. Julius Caesar - the major figure in a period of history I've always been attracted to.
5. Gough Whitlam - just to say thanks for freeing up university tuition in the 1970s, thereby allowing me to attend.
6. Elizabeth II - 'cos I admire her resilience.
7. Eleanor of Aquitaine - wife of Henry II, mother of Richard I, John, etc. Another of my favourite historical periods.
8. Robert Jordan - another author. I'd tell him to get a move on with Wheel of Time #12.
9. Jimmy Page - there are many, many musicians I'd love to meet but I'll go with the one who inspired me to pick up the guitar.
10. Kevin Costner - just 'cos he's a hunk.
11. Johnny Depp - in case Kev's not available.
12. J.R.R. Tolkien - author of Lord of the Rings, my all-time favourite book.
13. John Howard - so I could slap his arrogant little face and give him a good kick in the balls.
Thursday Thirteen


Janet said...

Damn, I'm not on the list, I'm crushed.

Kev bettah be available, cos I don't really wanna share my Johnny wif you!

Julie said...

Well, Jimmy's there and he's kinda close to Percy, so..... (clutching at straws).

I'm sure Johnny's man enough for both of us ;)

Shirl said...

Let's see if I can get this comment to fly! You'll have to share Kev with me, but Johnny isn't on my list, so that's cool

Wild Hogs was an amusing movie, and I liked the ending.

Hurrah for Fridays!!!!

Julie said...

yay, the comment worked