Thursday, August 23, 2007


The Cure were awesome last Sunday, no doubt about that. I was in awe of their sound and songs.
But, is getting $5 change for the laundrette awesome? Is it awesome that I have secondhand copies of The Da Vinci Code in my secondhand book shop? It's an awesome book, by the way. (Well, no it's not, it's dreadful, but that's a whole other story.) The heater's on, that's awesome. You've had a haircut, awesome.
It seems to me that those under 25 have no other word to describe whatever it is they're talking about.
There was a 20something girl in here just now who said it was awesome that I didn't have enough laundry change for her. She just said it because it's obviously what she always says. Automatic, no thought required. Open mouth -> awesome.

What ever happened to vocabularies?

(And why does blogger keep failing today?)