Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I like beginning with Q:

1. Queen Elizabeth II - a woman I admire a great deal.
2. Queen - the band. Their early albums were regular visitors to my turntable back in the day.
3. Quality - is important in life, whether in goods, services, performances or just good old conversation.
4. Quantity - can never have too much of a good thing.
5. Quintessential - a great word. Can mean typical or purest. Either way, Disintegration is the quintessential Cure (Qure??) album.
6. Quest - been on many quests in my time. I think I prefer the computer game type of quest because if I mess up I can just start again.
7. Quiet - while I like my music loud I also crave periods of peace and quiet.
8. Queens of the Stone Age - Feel Good Hit of the Summer is a great little tune. Very catchy.
9. (No) Quarter - I know, cheating a bit here. Too bad. An excellent Led Zeppelin tune. Close the door, put out the light. You know they won't be home tonight...
10. Quoll - cute little marsupial. Sadly, endangered.
11. Queensland - only been there a couple of times but it's a great part of the country. Home of the quintessential (!) Australian beach.
12. Quirky - I like quirky things and people. Makes them a bit interesting I think. Robert Smith certainly has a few quirks!!
13. Quill pens - dabbling in calligraphy as I do, I love pens. Never mastered the quill pen though, I stick to the modern variety.


Shirl said...

Oops. I was hoping you would skip Q's. Now I have to think.

Julie said...

I'm sure you'll manage beautifully.

Janet said...

quite quippy!e

Julie said...

hehe, ta

FRIGGA said...

Sorry, I tried to comment on the post above, but couldn't see the verification word (most likely b/c of my dial up). I wanted to say that I really like that picture. It's very interesting about the statues, but that reflection off the water with the blue sky is just incredible!

Oh, and Happy TT13! :-)

Shirl said...

I'm done! with 33 minutes to spare.

Julie said...


Thanks Frigga - for the comment and for visiting.