Friday, September 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I like beginning with S:

1. Smith, Robert - and I don't care if you're all sick of hearing about him. :)
2. Sunshine - starting to get a few more sunny days now. Just makes the place look so much more inviting.
3. Sex - I think I remember it being pretty good.
4. St Kilda FC - disgustingly underachieved this year. But there's always next year.
5. Sisters - got two; one went to Africa, the other one came from Mars.
6. Scotch - don't mind a drop every now and then. Blended or single malt, I'm not fussy.
7. Socialism - as it's meant to be with everyone working for the common good, not the totalitarian travesties that pass for socialism in some places.
8. Silk - probably my favourite fabric. Not that I have much silk stuff.
9. Surfing the 'net - something I do too much, but it can be fun.
10. Scenery - out on the open road, along the coast, up in the hills, wherever the people aren't.
11. Snapping photographs - I think I'm addicted to my camera.
12. Songs - not just Cure songs. :) There are so many great tunes out there. Thankfully. I think I'd go mad if there weren't.
13. Silliness - everyone needs a bit of silliness in their lives.


MissMeliss said...

Fabulous and scotch and songs...yes.

Janet said...

Silliness is fantastic (note I didn't use awesome), as are songs, snapping photos, and so many of your other "S"s ;-)

Julie said...

S is probably the easiest letter to do - so many possibilities. Not looking forward to the rest of the alphabet, except maybe t.