Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I like beginning with T:

1. Toyota - specifically my Toyota Corolla. Nearly a year old now.
2. Tolkien, JRR - the author of my most favourite book ever, The Lord of the Rings.
3. Tennis - I'm not playing this season due to team members who never turn up. I kinda miss it.
4. Travel - love to travel. So looking forward to 2010.
5. Taglietelle - especially with the Carbonara recipe I got from The Cook and the Chef TV show. Yummo!
6. Tardis - I'd love to have a time machine and just potter about the universe.
7. Television - I'm not a huge TV watcher but there are some shows that I like.
8. Taya - niece #3. She's such a cutie.
9. Taking photographs - I'm addicted.
10. Ten Years Gone - one of my fave Led Zep tracks. On the Physical Graffiti album.
11. Tandoori chicken - love Indian food, especially tandoori dishes.
12. The Tav - more specifically The Oak Tree Tavern, the local watering hole.
13. Triple R - Unless you listen you won't believe how good this radio station is. Diversity in the face of conformity.


Janet said...

Changes fill my time
Baby, that's all right with me
In the midst I think of you
And how it used to be


Julie said...

Damn indeed.

Shirl said...

no tennis? how can that be?

Julie said...

The team I was in this season has a husband/wife who just don't turn up when it doesn't suit them - they don't call or arrange fill-ins. So I quit.