Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Scrabble :: triple word score

  2. NyQuil :: huh?

  3. Roadtrip :: wish I was on one

  4. Idiot :: politician

  5. Bandages :: injury

  6. Series :: final

  7. Summer :: is December, January, February

  8. Prompt :: quick

  9. September :: Spring

  10. Chicken :: chook

from here


Diane said...

We have a problem with #7. Can I come stay with you during those months?
The school does sound really good there. :)

Julie said...

'Course you can. :) Dunno where we'd fit all those boys though - you might have to leave them behind. ;)

Shirl said...

just think. She's starting her spring now. *sigh*

Julie said...

Not that you'd know - rained all night, cold, grey and windy today. :(

Shirl said...

oh bummer! We're having gorgeous weather here for our holiday, which is nice.

Somehow I couldn't get to your top comment box . . . but I think that definition of Julie is sweet!

Diane said...

I could do that Julie. ;)

classic meme. (lol)

Janet said...

NyQuil is a cold remedy here in the states...tastes like licorice!

Anonymous said...

Loved your answers to #1 and #4