Thursday, September 27, 2007


I went back up to Warburton. Clare, Georgia and I walked up to La La Falls. It's a 45 minute walk UP the mountain. I didn't need the reminder of just how unfit I am!! At one point the track turned into a bog. I missed the rock and ended up like this!
The falls were fairly disappointing after all that. Just a trickle of water so the pics (on flickr) aren't all that exciting. Got some decent ones on the way back down, of tree ferns and such, which I'll post tomorrow. Saw a lyrebird which was exciting, but it ran off into the bush before I could get a pic. Rare to see them in the wild so I was quite happy to catch a glimpse.
My shoe:

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Shirl said...

all for art! Sounds like a good hike, even if the falls weren't so good!

Julie said...

I dunno Shirl - it really showed up my lack of fitness on the way up.