Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My camera needs a good clean - it's got a dirty great black spot that shows up in my photos. I've cleaned the lens and everything I can think of but it's still there. So tomorrow I'm taking it to the camera shop where, hopefully, they can clean the sensor for me.
Meanwhile, I'm not taking photos, except for the 365 phone project, because they're all spoiled by the Black Spot! So I'm having withdrawal symptoms. God help me if the camera has to go to Canon and I'm without it for any length of time!
Today's phone reject pic:

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Janet said...

I know your pain sistah! My Sony's been out of commission for awhile now, and I finally sent it to Sony for some repair work a few weeks ago. Hope to get it back soon, I miss that camera!~

My Canon has a spot, too, but you can only see it when I use the wide angle lens against something light...like the sky.

Julie said...

It's all good. Cleaned up and firing on all cylinders again. :)