Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday James

My nephew, 25 today. Where does the time go? This is the wild child of the family. He's pretty settled these days but there were times when I thought he wouldn't make it this far! This was taken last Christmas, he has a bit more hair at the moment. I haven't got many pics of him where he's actually smiling. He and Rosie have been together for nearly 10 years! Happy Birthday Jim!

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Diane said...

handsome and she is cute.

Hope he had a wonderful Birthday. :)

Julie said...

Rosie is gorgeous. Looks a lot like Elle McPherson.

Janet said...

at first all i saw was the girl and i thought...hmmm...James for a girl? Ok!

Happy Belated Birthday, James!

Sujaco said...

Nice looking couple and they're been together a long time now. Best wishes, James!

Shirl said...

Happy birthday, James! Last I remember, Rosie was a high school junior reading Montana 1948.

Great looking couple.

And what do u mean, you swear when you're grumpy? You swear when you're happy!!! *grin*