Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Hmmm, the alphabet has finished.....what to do now?

Thirteen places around town waiting for me and my camera:

1. St. Kilda - foreshore, Luna Park, all sorts of photogenic spots.
2. Marysville - head north a little way. Great waterfall - when it rains that is.
3. Southbank - bit touristy and up-market for me but I can pretend to be a tourist. :)
4. The Yarra - plenty of spots along the river. I've photographed it up at Warburton but not down the city end.
5. The Zoo - definitely on my list.
6. Portsea - down on the Mornington Peninsula. Haven for the rich but the sea's pretty wild down there. The whole peninsula is photo worthy.
7. Phillip Island - penguins, seals, surf. Can't go wrong really.
8. Queenscliff - last weekend in November. :)
9. Port Phillip Bay - lots of great spots around the Bay for photo ops.
10. CBD - haven't been into the city centre for ages. I'm sure I could find something to photograph in there.
11. Yarra Valley - go out there regularly but there's plenty more to see besides Seville and Warburton.
12. Dandenong Ranges - another regular haunt that's not been exhausted yet.
13. Cemetaries - I would like to do a shoot in a cemetary but, for some reason I don't fully understand, I always decide not to. Can't quite bring myself to walk in through the gates.


Kwizgiver said...

Tagged!! what if this is as good as it gets?: tagged...

Julie said...

Uh oh!

Janet said...

Julie, you should push yourself re: cemeteries. They really are such gorgeous places, so quiet and peaceful. I'd love to see an Australian cemetery!

Julie said...

There's one just down the road here. Drive past it often, think about photos often. I dunno, just doesn't feel right to me. I probably need to take someone with me.

Shirl said...

all rightee, I see your tag, and I'll work on it!!!

Cemeteries are great places to wonder and wander. Think of it as an historical outing.