Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy fingers/Not worth reading really

I just very nearly went next door to bot (ie, get one for free) a smoke. Purely through boredom. Nothing much is happening here today and I've had enough of putting books on shelves for now. Everyone seems to be still at work or gone off travelling so there's no flow of emails to distract me either. So I'm just going to sit here and waffle about absolutely nothing just to keep my fingers busy. There is absolutely no obligation to read any further.
I added a few of my Woolomai sunsets to the Australian sunsets and sunrises group on Flickr when I got back from Phillip Island. They have a link on the front page of the group that shows the most interesting shots in the group according to a thing called flickriver. Two of mine are in there. I'm a bit chuffed by that. :)
The supermarket where I get my Nicabate has run out. Haha, I bought all they had when I saw they were running out. They better be getting more in and soon.
Crappy weather today. We had a couple of very hot days earlier in the week but, in general, it's heading towards Autumn in a hurry now. Very grey out there. :( Not that I like it hot but I do like a bit of sunshine.
G-Man dropped in for a visit yesterday, instead of the usual daily phone call. Gawd, he's so full of shit. He's quite happy to make all sorts of suggestions and promises but if I even hint at calling his bluff he suddenly has to rush back to work. Don't start if you're not going to finish, matey.

The pic is from a trip we did around Tasmania - sometime in the early 80s. I was still a learner then but managed to ride my little Honda all the way without incident. It was cold though, I remember that. Fun though.

Okay, I think the crisis has passed. You can all wake up now.


Shirl said...

oh what a great post!!

Grrr to the G-man.

Glad the wanting passed!

Janet said...

Men...glad the crisis has passed!

Julie said...

Made it through the whole day. Woohoo.