Saturday, February 16, 2008


If ever there was a morning designed to drive a person to smoke, this morning was it. Internet/phone bill was due so I got on the phone to pay it. Nearly two hours on hold. TWO HOURS! And then, because the bill hadn't been paid by 10am the account was suspended. Hello! I'm on the phone, trying to pay!!!
The automated payment system doesn't work because it kept rejecting my customer reference number as printed on the invoice. Turns out the reference number they require has an extra digit on the end. How am I supposed to know that for Chrissakes? Bloody hell.
Anyway, it's paid now and the account's unsuspended. Jeeeesus.

So, it's been one week. Even with a couple of bad days I've smoked less in a week than I normally would in a day. I'm taking that as a positive. It's probably not good enough but, right now, I don't care. I've had two smoke free days leading into today. This third one will be difficult if the day keeps going as it started. Thank you iinet.
Got a party to go to tomorrow night. I'm undecided about whether to go or not because it'll be a big drinking affair. My resolve seems to slip away under the influence of alcohol. Go to a party and not drink? Hahahahaha. Easier to stay home. I'm thinking about it all.
Current mood - filthy!

PS. Nearly forgot. HOW COULD I FORGET???? Saints play their first game of the year tonight. NAB Pre-season Cup. Up against Richmond, the Tigers. My brother's team :)


Janet said...

I think it's damn good! Slow and steady and fuck those friends who try to get you to smoke!!!

Julie said...

yeah, fuck 'em!