Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday morning and grumpy

I didn't sleep well at all last night. Tried reading, which usually does the trick. And it did in a way but I had to keep waking up to remove the (big hardback) book off my face, take my specs off, turn off the light. Then I'd be awake again. Toss, turn, toss. So I resorted to the television. Haha, ended up watching an episode of The Avengers at 3am. I used to love that show; the whole family would sit around and watch it together. (Which gives me an idea for T13.) God, it's corny now, especially all the highly choreographed fight scenes. Quite risque for its time though - picked up a lot of innuendos (some not so subtle either) that I obviously missed when I was a thousand years younger. I think I got some sleep after that because it was 5.30 the next time I looked. Then 7.30, which meant I had to get up. Did not want to. If there'd been any ciggies lying around I think I probably would have had one this morning. Fortunately, there weren't.
So, I'm struggling today, mainly because I'm very tired. Got that head full of cotton wool thing happening.
It's a bit chilly here today and I put a jumper on this morning. As soon as I did I thought "what's that smell?" Haha, people always say that smokers' clothes smell of cigarettes but I'd never noticed before.

We finished off the Moroccan chicken last night. Bit of a hit with the rest of the household. Of course, I'm eating way too much - going back for seconds instead of the after-dinner smoke. Will have to stop that! Come to think of it, that's probably why I couldn't sleep.

And now to work - got 75 Agatha Christies to process, price and shelve. Which means I'm going to have to rearrange the whole A-C section of crime fiction to fit them in. The trials and tribulations of bookselling. The good thing that they will sell so it won't be a wasted effort.


Shirl said...

oh good, you can cook when you come to visit!!!

Congrats on the Saints, and buck up! Monday comes but once a week!

Julie said...

I'm okay really, just tired.

Janet said...

I didn't sleep well last night either; I think it was all the rum and the fact that the room was too hot.

Julie said...

I could've done with some rum. Or something.

Maribeth said...

My whole not sleeping thing is with the hot flashes! God, they are bad right now.