Thursday, February 14, 2008

The struggle continues.....

Monday night and Tuesday (morning mostly) were pretty disastrous in the smoking department. So far I'm clean today and have pretty much decided that it's NOT okay to just have one or two. One or two can too easily become half a dozen. It's difficult (extremely) when I'm surrounded by smokers, even at home. It was obvious, I think, that I was a bit disgruntled this morning and Sylvia (Laurie's current squeeze) practically shoved one in my face. "Go on, just the one, you know you want it." Thanks for nothing pal! I resisted which is good because yesterday I didn't. So I'm back to being bad tempered and grumpy today. Almost like starting again, although not as bad because I know what to expect. I'm annoyed at myself more than anything.

Anyway, yesterday I went up to the William Ricketts Sanctuary in Mt Dandenong. (I had to get out of the house and away from smokers!) William Ricketts was an artist/sculptor and his place is truly magical. It's just a looping walk through what were the grounds of his home (I think). The grounds are completely native vegetation, mostly gum trees and tree ferns, and are dotted throughout with the most fascinating sculptures of Aboriginal figures that just seem to rise out of the rock. Amazing, truly. I took heaps of pics of course and they'll appear on Flickr during this week.
Appropriate really given the momentous occasion that today is. See the post below this one for an explanation of that. Please read it.


Janet said...

I'm glad you went and took some pictures at the Sanctuary...I'm looking forward to seeing them!

I'm sorry the people you're surrounded by are so threatened by you trying to quit. Sheesh!

Julie said...

I've posted a couple now.
I don't think they're threatened as such - they have the numbers! Just thoughtless.