Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Bit of shameless self-promotion today. My 13 "most interesting" photographs according to Flickr:
I should point out that the Led Zeppelin mosaic is made from photos by other people, not mine. I wasn't there, more's the pity!

Another Woolomai sunset

Today's sunset is brought to you from......... Woolomai!

Woolomai sunset #698737387

Red in support of a free Burma

Free Burma

Puffing Billy sepia #2

Uh oh, another one.

Cotton reel

Balancing act

Led Zeppelin - by those who were there. (Thanks for sharing)

Just a little bit of saturation

View from a riverbank




pussreboots said...

My two favorites are the train and the California poppy. Happy TT.

Julie said...

Thanks. Umm, there's no poppy here, which one do you mean? The pink one is a Passion flower and the other two are weeds of some kind.

Janet said...

Love the curlique and the flower at the end. I think cause it's a surprise of color :-)

Julie said...

Thanks "cutie pie".