Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons to quit smoking:
1. Lungs
2. Breathing
3. Circulation
4. Save money
5. Taste
6. Smell - my sense of
7. Discipline
8. Unsmelly clothes
9. I might live longer
10. Fresh air
11. Less litter/rubbish to inflict on the planet
12. Health in general
13. Because I want to.


Maribeth said...

That you will be well, and perhaps live longer is a great incentive. Trust me, you will feel better!

Julie said...

That's the plan :)
Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. Appreciate it.

Janet said...

Circulation is more important than you was one of my Mom's problems (from smoking). Smell...hmmm...maybe I should send you one of those BPAL imps I have laying about...

Course #13 is the most important :-) Hang in there, chickie!


it was over 40

Julie said...

I'm hangin'



Shirl said...

#4 sounds good too! More to spend on your world trip!

Anonymous said...

They are all good reasons to stop. Hang in there. Three days is supposed to be the turning point.