Sunday, March 02, 2008

The black hole swallowed me

The black hole at the bottom of the red wine bottle that is. *groan*
It just shows what a morass of self-pity I was in yesterday, I completely forgot that the Saints were playing last night. And play they did. Beat the Bombers by 3 points. Woohoo, that puts them into the NAB Cup final. Yeah!
Laurie cooked last night so it was Burnt Offerings on the menu. Then he went off to the pub for "one with the boys". Kylie was home so we sat and watched the footy. I very nearly had one of her ciggies but she only had a few left so I didn't. She offered me one later on. No thank you. *pats self on back*
By half time in the game I was a bit less than sober so it's a wonder that I did say no. By then I'd run out of red so I watched the rest of the game from the safety of my bed.
I'm here to tell you that not smoking has absolutely no effect on the quality of hangovers. Ugh.
Anyway, I have to go see a phone about a photo.....


Maribeth said...

Good for you! You know you would have hated yourself if you did take the ciggie. I am so proud of you!

Julie said...

Yep, I would've. The interesting thing is that when one was offered to me I just plain and simple didn't want it. No agonising involved.

Shirl said...

Go Saints! wonderful!!!!

Janet said...

That's fantastic that you didn't want it! But it bothers me that they offer.