Saturday, March 22, 2008

So here I am...... ramblin' on

Babysitting a friend's house for the weekend. Ha, nearly didn't make it. I locked myself out of my room this morning! There are two normal doors on the inside and two double doors to the outside. I managed to lock them all! Of course, there are 45 million keys in the house and NONE of them fit the locks on my doors. Not a single one. Laurie, naturally, is away for the weekend. Old Ken had a go at breaking in but couldn't manage it. In the end I had to call the G-Man and he was able to pick one of the outside locks. So I got to Bronnie's hours late. But I'm here now - with my stuff which I'd carefully locked up behind me! Am I too young for Altzheimers? I'm beginning to think not.
Brought the geeetar with me and plan on making some noise later :) Haven't messed with it in soooo long. I'll end up with "blisters on my fingers". (Who said that at the end of which song??)
Brought the laptop too but it won't connect on Bronnie's system, different ISP I suppose. So I'm using her computer and am finding it really hard to type on a proper keyboard!
Thirteen Days is on TV later tonight. There's a fair chance I might watch it. Bronnie has one of those HUGE widescreen TVs :)
Work as usual tomorrow but Sunday is yet another family gathering. This time for Georgia who turns 15 on Monday. FIFTEEN! Gawd, she was only a child yesterday. Got 15tons of attitude too. Ah, the joys of teenagerhood.
Interesting post over at the Snapery about Barack Obama. Go read it if you haven't already. There's a link there to a speech he made about race in the USA. Very interesting. I'd vote for him on the basis of that speech I think. If I were eligible that is.
Anyway, the sun's well and truly over the yardarm so I'm off to open a bottle of something.
Happy Easter :)

Oh oh oh, I keep forgetting - on April 6th Clare and I are going to a Conversation with Nick Cave. He'll be there talking about his music and answering questions from the audience. Singing a song or two as well. There's also a photographic exhibition about the man at the Arts Centre so we're going to that first. Exciting!!

I think I might ask him about the silly facial hair!


Kwizgiver said...

I agree with you about Barak Obama's speech... it is the best speech I've heard in my lifetime. (I'm too young for the great speakers of the 60s)...

Enjoy Nick Cave. And enjoy your weekend!

Janet said...

That would be Mark Knoffler who sang those words!