Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

It's Thursday and I really should be doing a Thirteen. But there's not a single idea floating around the empty vessel that is my skull.
How about 13 random books sitting on the desk. You can tell me if you've read any of them and whether they're any good.

1. Trunk Music - Michael Connelly
2. Knights of the Black and White - Jack Whyte
3. The Husband - Dean Koontz.
4. Area 7 - Matthew Reilly
5. A Question of Blood - Ian Rankin
6. The Boer War - Winston Churchill
7. Moonlight Becomes You - Mary Higgins Clark
8. Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens
9. The Station-Master's Daughter - Pamela Oldfield
10. Dark Hollow - John Connolly
11. Not Safe After Dark - Peter Robinson
12. Into a Dark Realm - Raymond E Feist (forget this one, sold already.)
13. Servant of the Bones - Anne Rice


Maribeth said...

Don't know there. Well I do know Dickens. Guess I don't read enough!

Janet said...

I read The Husband - Dean Koontz; it was ok