Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two days off.....

Monday - public holiday in Melbourne (Labout Day). It was an exceedingly hot day so I didn't do much. Laurie has finally (FINALLY!) reinstalled a washing machine in the house so I started the day in the queue to use it :) Read a fair bit - no love for Antony or Cleopatra in the McCullough book! She's definitely a Caesar fan.
Tuesday - Much cooler, thankfully. I went out to Warburton to pick up Georgia after school. Clare got home much earlier than she'd anticipated so, really, I didn't need to be there. Anyway, Clare and I left Georgia on myspace and took their two dogs for a walk along the aquaduct. Six kilometres! My old-aged hip gave out towards the end. About 4 kms would've been okay but the last two killed me. Haha, old Tash trotted the whole way quite happily. Made me feel bad 'cos I struggled. Took millions of photos, of course, which will no doubt show up on Flickr over the next few days.
Back at work today :(


Janet said...

Good walking! I'm glad you're back :-)

Julie said...

Says she who's been galivanting off in Florida :)

Shirl said...

oh boy. I can sympathize with the hip. Just found out my knee is arthritis officially. Grrr. Get to do therapy and have a steroid wand waved over me? Hmmm.

Take care!