Sunday, April 06, 2008

Collaboration - week 2

Janet and I are doing a weekly collaboration on Flickr. This week is all about reading Lord of the Rings. Tolkien.
I took the pic on the left of someone (Bilbo) reading the first page of chapter 1. Janet took the pic on the right of someone (also Bilbo) reading the book to show the cover.
Don't know about you, but I think this is just so cool. The match up of the photographs is pretty damn good if you ask me. Janet saw my pic and set hers up to match. I think she did an excellent job! I thought last week's match up was tops but this one is even better.
I'm excited by this project!!
I'm even more excited because I now have internet access at home. Woohoo!

Bilbo reminiscing, originally uploaded by jsarcadia.


Shirl said...

That is sooo cool!

Janet said...

They really do match so well!

Funny...LOTR2 is on tv tonight on one channel; HP1 is on another channel. Guess which one I'm watching?

Julie said...

I know that I'd watch LOTR2.

byrningbunny said...

Two excellent shots! Can I just say, seasons, you guys, seasons. Did anyone else notice?

Julie said...

Did anyone else notice what?

Julie said...

Oh hang on, the seasons in the pics are different because the locations are on opposite sides of the world.

Julie said...

Which is kind of the whole point of it.