Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was out at Warburton for my semi-regular "pick up Georgia and babysit" session. #1 niece, Holly, met me at Clare and Georgia's place as she wanted to use their computer to do some job searching. When I got back from picking up Georgia (and her friend/shadow Soul) Holly was about ready to leave. But her car wouldn't start. And it was blocking mine. Uh oh. We managed to get it out of the way enough for me to get out but, as far as I know, Holly's car is still there. I think she may have run it out of gas just quietly. That's LP gas, not petrol. Bit trickier. Hopefully she's found someone to fix the problem by now.
Anyway, on the way to pick up the G I'd noticed this carpet of Autumn leaves outside someone's house. On the way back I stopped and got Georgia to drop and toss a few around while I went snap happy with the camera. Trying to get "that" shot for a possible collaboration with Janet.
Speaking of Madame Snape - cool mention in the Poppet lady's blog. Well done!!
Anyway, here are some Leaf Tossing pics:

Leaf tossing

Falling leaves

Leaf tossing. Round two


Janet said...

I love these pictures, especially the disembodied hands at the bottom!

Literary Feline said...

Those are lovely photos, Julie. I love how you captured the leaves in mid-air particular in that last photo.

Shirl said...

Fantastic Fall Fotos!