Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt

This week's theme is "time".

My sister-in-law's clock. I think it's pretty spiffy.


The Flinders St clocks which show what time the next train leaves on any given line. A Melbourne icon.

The clocks

The Melbourne Town Hall clock

Twelve twenty nine

And, of course, the Phone

Hey everybody, are you ready? It's Phone time!!!


jams o donnell said...

Great selection of photos. Perfect for this week's theme

Hootin' Anni said...

You really did a lot of research in time! I like 'em all.

My photo hunt is something you'd like to view I'm sure. Like Birds? Come on over-----

gaj38 said...

great selection my collection is very similar ;-)
View mine if you wish here thanx

Sarge Charlie said...

nice shots of time.......

Maribeth said...

The Town Hall is a bit like Big Ben in London isn't it?

Literary Feline said...

I mention only yesterday how much I like clocks and suddenly you and my blogger friend Alice are posting photos of clocks. I know it's only a coincidence that time would be the theme for this week's photo hunt, but I enjoy it just the same.

Janet said...

awesome shots, Jules! I love your SIL's clock, too!

Zooomabooma said...

About a week ago I posted an old AC/DC video where they ride down Swanston Street but seeing your pic of the Flinders Street Station is definitely better!

I loved Melbourne when I was there!