Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Secret Garden

Did my regular Tuesday trek out to Warburton yesterday. I was a bit early to pick up Georgia from the bus stop so I wandered along the road a bit to check out this place I drive past to get to Clare's. It's right on the road so it's not that secret really :) The bit of creek comes down the hill and empties into the Yarra, which is directly behind me, across the road. It's private land on this side here so I didn't venture off the road to get better shots. No tripod with me so, to get the long exposure, I set the camera on the ground and pushed the button in hope. Turned out okay I think.

Secret Garden reprise, originally uploaded by jsarcadia.


Shirl said...

lovely lovely lovely!

Literary Feline said...

That is a great shot, Julie. I wish I could visit there tomorrow. It looks like a very peaceful place.