Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Totally obscene!

Just saw a thing on TV about the outgoing CEO (or whatever he's called) of Macquarie Bank, the largest corporate bank in this country. Poor guy had to take a 24% pay cut this year. He only got 24.8 million dollars. That's obscene. He could give a million bucks each to every person in the country and still have 4.8 million left for himself. Corporate bastards.

Edit: As someone so politely pointed out, I can't count. Still doesn't alter the fact that that's an obscene amount of money.


Anonymous said...

Nice one moron.
Presumably this is why you're not a corporate bastard, with outstanding mathematical abilities like these.

Julie said...

I assume, anonymous, that you don't realise which fucking country I'm in. That'd be the one with a total population of 20 million. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

so he could give $1 to each person.

$1 x 20,000,000 = $20,000,000

Julie said...

okay, you're right. You were right in the first place. I'm an idiot at maths. So who the fuck are you then?

Anonymous said...

this is the first anonymous, not the second one.

i did realise what fucking country you were in, was relatively simple, as i am from the same country myself.

the c. $20M payment should be viewed in context of the overall profitablity of the institution which has risen steadily over its history.

is it a lot of money? sure.
is it the issue being blown out of all proportion by the media and mathematically challenged people such as yourself? no.

Julie said...

The overall profitabilty of the institution stems from its use of other peoples' money to inflate its own coffers. Investors may make a few thousand, even millions; the institution make billions. The instituion itself is now in big trouble and it's the small investors who will suffer, not the parasites at the top.