Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

1. A smile is priceless.
2. Pictionary is my favorite board or card game.
3. I would love to have more money in my life and less stress.
4. When I think of the Summer Solstice, I think of Christmas.
5. I just remembered I need to try on my costume to see if it fits.
6. One of my favorite song lyrics goes like this: I've been looking so long at these pictures of you
That I almost believe that they're real.
I've been living so long with my pictures of you
That I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel - Pictures of You by The Cure

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to preparing for tomorrow night, tomorrow my plans include our annual Medieval party and Sunday, I want to recover!



Janet said...

hahahah #4 is just SO wrong!!! To me, anyway :-) LMAO! So what day does Christmas fall on? Have fun at the party, drink a mead for me ;-)

Jack said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate the Summer Solstice! Have a fun weekend :)

The Holistic Knitter said...

I've never played Pictionary, but it sounds fun. I LOVE the Cure...Robert Smith is yummy! ;0)

Ivanhoe said...

The Cure was my favorite band growing up. Have a great weekend!

Shirl said...

utoh . . . not the Medieval party? Are you going as a wench?

Bellezza said...

How fun to meet a fellow book lover! I'm wondering how Christmas goes with Summer Solistice for you? Intriguing response.

Jodi said...

Great answers! I was looking at your above post for the photo meme, it looks like fun, but I can't figure out how do to the actual mosaic, any pointers?

Literary Feline said...

Have fun at the Medievel party, Julie! It sounds like fun.