Friday, June 27, 2008


Saw this at Susan's.

1. What is the last thing you googled or searched for online?
ND (neutral density) filters
2. Who is the last person you kissed?
Uncle Brian - and it was a very chaste "goodbye, see you next year" type of kiss!
3. When is the last time you got flipped off? Or flipped someone off?
In jest, yesterday at my sisters - football banter. Not in jest, I can't remember.
4. What did you have for breakfast today?
5. What was your favorite song or album when you were fourteen?
Led Zeppelin II (1969, sheesh!)
6. What is the last thing you laughed out loud about?

Tag yourself if you feel so inclined.


Janet said...

omg you made out with your UNCLE??? How gross!

1. T.Rex videos
2. Wolf
3. On the way to work this morning, masshole drivers!
4. Coffee & half a donut
5. Hmmm...I can barely remember back that far...maybe Suffragette City by David Bowie? NO!!! *duh* it was T.Rex, of course! Electric Warrior being the album and fav song being Jeepster :-) Yeah baby!
6. One of Craig Ferguson's crazy skits ROFLMAO!

Sujaco said...

1969 was such a good year for music! And Led Zeppelin II-- such a classic that lives on and on. Good answers, Julie!

I like Janet's answers, too. Electric Warrior, I've not thought about that one in ages.

Julie said...

Electric Warrior was actually my first thought until I realised that I was a bit older than 14 when that came out.