Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yesterday I went down to Mornington, the extreme south-eastern part of Port Phillip Bay, to see a photographic exhibition. The exhibition features photographs of Led Zeppelin during their 1972 concert at the Sydney Showgrounds. Most of the photos featured either Jimmy Page or Robert Plant. There were three shots of the whole band, put together as a triptych, and one each of John Paul Jones and John Bonham. All were black and white and huge. The largest were 4 feet by 5 feet in size. Prints of those can be ordered for a lazy $3500. The smaller ones start at $1200. Shame about the price because they'd look magnificent on my wall!
No cameras were allowed inside but I did manage to sneak a couple of shots with the phone's camera. Terrible quality but at least it's something.

After the exhibition I wandered around Mornington for a bit and then headed further south to Portsea. I thought I might get some nice sunset shots at the ocean beach there. However, I was way too early. By the time I got back to Mornington the sun was starting to go down so I stopped there again and lugged the camera and tripod down to a little beach near the pier.

Mornington pier as the sun sets

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Sujaco said...

Smooth move. You got the shot with the bow!