Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sign of the times

Did a quick overnight trip up through the north-east of the state on Tuesday/Wednesday. The thing that struck me most was the devastating effects of the drought. Down here in suburbia we have water restrictions but, other than that, there's no real reminders of the situation. But, out in rural areas it's a very real problem. I saw so many dead trees it was depressing. These were River Red Gums, which are the most magnificent trees in normal circumstances. A very sad sight.

Sign of the times, originally uploaded by jsarcadia.

Even sadder was that every creeek and small river we crossed was empty. I'm not exaggerating here either - every one! Some of the bigger rivers were looking very depleted too.


Eildon Weir is also completely empty. This photo was taken last year but nothing has changed since then. If you look closely you can make out the normal water level marks on the pillars holding up the bridge. There should only be a few feet of pillar showing, not the whole damn pillar!.
Eildon is usually a place for houseboats, water-skiing, boating in general. Not now.



Janet said...

our area looked a bit like that last year, but not this...rain every day, almost. It's like living in the tropics!

Shirl said...

oh how sad.