Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt

This week's theme is lazy.
A lazy day down at Woolomai, Phillip Island, in January this year.

Georgia and Lily (who is a whole lot bigger now)
Georgia and Lily the Pup

Rosie and Fred (who won't get any bigger, thankfully!)
Rosie and Fred

Holly and Megs (who will never know the meaning of bigger)
Holly and Megs

Clare and Tash (Tash thinks: Bigger? Is there any bigger star than me, Tash The Wonder Dog!?)
Clare (D3) and Tash the Wonder Dog


Anonymous said...

Very nice shots :)
Have a great

julie said...

Lovely photos! The dogs are adorable.

My PH:
Lazy? Me?

Honey Bees

Shadow said...

aaah, those are absolutely beautiful!

Janet said...

Fred's scary! I love Tash :-)

Patsy said...

I do believe you are a dog person. :) Great photos -- each one (dog) is so different.

Julie said...

Actually Patsy, I'm not. I much prefer cats. There are, however, plenty of dogs in the family.

Fred's not scary. He's a big softie. Of them all, Tash is the scary one - well, back in the day she was pretty feisty.