Thursday, October 02, 2008

Want some books?

A guy rang me yesterday, said he had some sci-fi books he wanted to bring in to swap for store credit. Okay, says I, bring them in. So he turned up late in the day - with a trailer load! Close to 2000 books. Pretty much all sci-fi, but lots of old authors that don't sell anymore (Rhodan, Simak, etc). But quite a few who do sell (Heinlein, Norton, Clarke, etc.).
It took an hour and a half to transfer them all from his trailer to the back room because, of course, he wanted his boxes back then and there. So now I have a couple of thousand books stacked in very wobbly piles waiting for me.

Anyone want to come and help me sort, process, price and shelve? I'll buy you lunch.


Mary said...

Dang, that truly sounds fun to me! Sifting through books and doing whatever it is that you do to them... wish you were in walking distance, I'd be right over!

Janet said...

be right there! Take a pic, k?

Julie said...

Right you two, they're all yours. You'll be surprised how quickly the novelty wears off.

Mary said...

"novelty" tee-hee!

Julie said...