Monday, November 17, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Please stop :: doing that.

  2. Move over :: please

  3. Sweet as :: sugar

  4. Bet :: wager

  5. Mad about :: Jimmy

  6. It’s over :: red rover

  7. Intend to :: I always intend to. That's often as far as it gets.

  8. Blame :: me if you must.

  9. Jefferson :: Airplane

  10. Heartless :: bastard

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Shirl said...

1. scoonch
scoonch (n)
1- the position in which the entire body is curled into a "C", with the legs brought close to the chest, the arms around the legs, and the head down. Usually laying on their side.
2- to quickly move over to make room for another person or object.
random person: Could you scoonch over? It's getting crowded on this

Shirl said...

Shadow said...

intend to... ha ha, i think that's me too