Thursday, December 11, 2008

Job Searching Blues

I was supposed to have two job interviews today.
The first one didn't even happen. I got a call yesterday about a job in a clothing store and the interview was set for 9.30 this morning. Because the line was bad the woman said she'd email me the details and the address. By this 7.30 morning I still didn't have the email so I emailed her. Said I was catching a train into the city to be there by 9ish so could she please call me on my mobile with the address of where to go. Nobody called.
I had another interview at 12, just a short tram ride out of the city. So there I was with 3 hours to kill. Right about then I was wishing I'd taken the camera with me! Would've given me something to do besides window shop.
Anyway, the second interview was for a job with Australia Post - working behind the counter in a Post Office.
Oh My God!
I had to have a medical, do a numeracy test, a typing test, a Windows 2000 test (2000!!!), a psychometric test, a problem solving test, fill out 45 million forms. I passed all the tests by the way.
3 hours later and I had to prove my identity - driver's licence, birth certificate, Medicare card and Centrelink card.
Then the shit hit the fan.
She noticed that I wasn't born in Australia. So I have to prove that I have the right to live and work in this country. I've only been here 41 years! But, I have no passport or citizenship papers (still a British citizen believe it or not). Because the family came out on an Assisted Passage (ie., the government paid the fares provided we stayed for a minimum of 2 years. We only had to pay 10 pounds each.) we didn't need visas. So there's no actual record of us arriving here. Well, I'm sure there is a record of it somewhere, there has to be.
So the whole process came to a screeching halt.
Now I have to apply to the Immigration Department to get a statement saying I do live here legally. $100 for that thank you. Jesus.
All this to sell stamps!


Shadow said...

ah ha! illegal alien are you! heee heee heee

Janet said...

very important job, that!

Mary said...

Ah! Postal employment! Welcome to my world. I only ever had to prove that I belonged in the US when I flew back in from Mexico. They asked me my mother-in-law's maiden name , and I didn't know it!! Ha! They let me in anyway!
good luck with the search and dealing w/government!