Friday, January 09, 2009

Birthdays 9/1/09

Two people born on the 9th of January. Two people who are supremely talented and creative.

Holly turns 23 today - my niece. She's off to England at the end of the month for a 12 month stint.

Happy Birthday Holly

Jimmy Page turns 65 today. Sometimes I'm amazed that he's still alive. So is he probably :) (Photo nicked from Ross Halfin)



Janet said...

They look a bit alike...could be granddad and granddaughter!

Happy Birthday Holly! And Jimmy, too ;-)

Mary said...

Well, it certainly IS a great day in the universe!
Happy Birthday Holly, and the best of luck on your journey!
and of course, Happy Birthday Jimmy! We're glad you didn't become a doctor.
ps. I learned that from Julie! ( she should write a book!)

Shadow said...

you have a beautiful niece! and jimmy page.... aging gracefully.

Susan said...

Wow, Holly is very pretty. So is Jimmy. And he looks so amazing.