Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Shot - Lee Child

I used to sell a lot of Lee Child books in the bookshop so when I picked this up, down at Phillip Island last week, I was expecting something a whole lot better.
Five people are shot dead by a sniper as they leave the office to go home. Evidence is easily gathered and points overwhelmingly to an ex-military sniper. A seemingly open and shut case. Except it's a set up, of course. Jack Reacher, Child's main character in most of his books, smells a rat and follows it up. The way the accused is exonerated and the baddies dealt with is so unrealistic that I ended up not liking this book at all. The first half, as the story unfolds, is quite good, but the second half, as the story is resolved, is ridiculous. Pfft.

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Janet said...

I so dislike being disappointed by a book!