Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's on my bed

Saw this meme over at Kwizgiver's. It's a long one but I'm just going to do the first bit which is -
What's on my bed?
Well, apart from the obvious sheet, doona, pillows (4), dressing gown and pyjamas there is:
Jimmy Page (sadly, just the 7 inch plastic version, not the real thing)
Jimmy's two guitars (again, sadly, not real)
mobile phone - which is NOT ringing with job offers :(
car keys
camera (sans battery which is charging up over there)
3 books
my glasses
remote control

that's about it.


Shadow said...

all that is on your BED??????

Julie said...

'fraid so.

Julie said...

Actually, the camera's back in its bag now that the battery's charged and the car keys have been put back where they're supposed to be.

Kwizgiver said...

Muahahaha... that's an incredible load on your bed!

Janet said...

"7 inch plastic version"...heh heh heh ;-)

Toss them butts!!!