Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fire and Rain

Fires are still burning across the state but most are under control now. The death toll has risen to 200 as they start searching burnt out houses (approx 1800 of those) - so far only open ground and cars have been searched. What a horrible job that must be! *Shudder*

Clare is still at Mum and Dad's - fires are still burning out her way but her house is not in any real danger at the moment. The reason she hasn't gone back is because her car broke down - I convinced her that it wouldn't be a good idea to be up there without transport!

On average, Melbourne should have had 77mm of rain so far this year.
Actual rainfall so far this year: 2.2mm.

Meanwhile, far north Queensland, parts of NSW and some areas of WA are flooded and completely cut off from the outside world. Crazy.

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Janet said...

Hope Clare's car gets fixed soon!