Saturday, February 07, 2009

Horrible horrible day

Copied from the Country Fire Authority website:

Yarra Valley Fire Alert, 5.10pm

Alert Message for residents of the Yarra Valley

Incident Information

There is a fire burning in the Yarra Valley and residents are advised that they may come under direct ember attack.

Core Advice

* People in the area need to remain alert as there may not be a warning should conditions change unexpectedly. Continue to listen to ABC or local radio for updates on this fire.
* Be prepared to activate your bushfire survival plan if necessary.
* Decide now if you are going to stay or go. Remember that it is very dangerous to leave late with a fire in the area. Road use in the area will be extremely hazardous due to low visibility from smoke. Watch out for fallen trees, power lines, abandoned cars, wildlife and emergency services vehicles.
* If you plan to stay, remember to seek shelter from radiant heat. Should the fire reach your property, close all doors and windows and stay inside the house while the fire passes. Remain alert, extinguish any small fires and if necessary, move outside to burnt ground once the fire has passed.
* Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Clare and Georgia (and animals) are already at Mum and Dad's and the whole lot of them are ready to leave at a moment's notice. I've just had a rather panicky Mum on the phone - the sky is black up there and there's a real threat of ember attack. A cool change has hit here already - the temperature has dropped from mid-40s to about 30. No rain though. It hasn't reached the Valley yet though. Keep your fingers crossed, okay.

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Janet said...

Hope everything is ok; I was wondering where you were last night!