Monday, February 02, 2009

Aussie music #1 : Horror Movie

Some Aussie music for you - Skyhooks. A 70s band, local guys - I went to school with the bass player's brother (the bass player is the guy in the white suit). The biggest local band in Oz in the 70s. Yes, bigger than AC-DC.
Shirley (the singer) had a surname almost the same as mine, just a 'c' the difference, and people believed me when I said he was my brother - he wasn't. Sadly he died in a helicopter accident a few years ago.
Red Symons, the guy with the black Les Paul and red cape, was my fave. He does breakfast radio these days. I occasionally listen in.

This is from 1974 - the message hasn't changed at all!

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Mary said...

I'm shocked out of my brain!(heh-heh)
I never cared much for AC/DC. This guys seem more fun actually.