Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some improvement

The threat has eased overnight. There was even some rain, believe it or not. Not a lot, but enough to help a little bit.
There are still fears that higher temperatures and northerly winds, expected next week, could see a resurgence of fire actvity - and once again, place Clare's place under threat.
I'm going out to her place today, with her, to check it all out. She's thinking of moving back home, at least for a few days. At the moment it seems safe enough to do so but she won't decide until we've had a look. If she decides to stay at Mum and Dad's then we'll just pick up some more of her stuff.
Keep your fingers crossed that the worst is over.

At present, this is what much of Victoria looks like.


Janet said...

fingers, toes, legs, eyes, I even braided my hair!!!

Mary said...

crossed here! that's the best news of the day!

Kwizgiver said...

I certainly do hope the worst is over!