Sunday, February 01, 2009

What a week!

Wednesday, 41C; Thursday, 44C; Friday 45C. 45C = 113F.
No wind, not even a breeze to move some air around. It was stifling. I've had so many cold showers I'm sure I've exceeded my water usage allotment for the next month! (We're supposed to be on a max of 150 litres per day.)

On Thursday I went to Mum and Dad's and just sat in front of their air-conditioner, because we don't have one here. Friday, I went to Clare's and we had a few dips in the river. That was lovely - a real life-saver!
Saturday was a relatively cool 39C and today is merely low 30s. Positively chilly!

The city has been in real meltdown mode, it's unbelievable.
100s of trains have been cancelled due to both lines buckling in the heat and the trains themselves breaking down. Up to half a million homes were without electricity on Friday due to the system being overloaded - all those air-conditioners running at full bore. Transformers, or whatever they are, on the power lines were just melting or bursting into flame. Mum and Dad lost their power on Friday and had to retreat to Paula's for the duration. The power's been out here too but, fortunately, I was up the valley at the time.

Bushfires are raging in Gippsland, in the state's east. About 30 homes have been lost so far but, fortunately, no human casualties. The lack of wind has been a blessing in that regard as it's helped contain the fires somewhat.

Total rainfall for January, for Melbourne, was 0.8mm. Hardly enough to brush your teeth in.

It's even worse in South Australia. Adelaide, the state capital there, has had (still has) 40+ temperatures for a full week so far.

The river - don't know what I'd have done without it on Friday!

A slightly saturated view of the Yarra

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Shirl said...

They were even talking about Aussie weather on our Radio! Wow!

Hopefully it's a bit cooler this week?