Sunday, March 01, 2009

Almost feel like I can relax

I think, finally, that the fire threat to this part of the world may be over. Friday's predicted "danger" weather didn't cause any fresh outbreaks - in the Valley, at least. There were several new fires that started in other parts of the state however. None are threatening communites though. There are about half a dozen large blazes still burning but the containment lines appear to be holding. This includes the Kilmore East-Murrindindi Complex South fire, which is the one that was threatening Warburton and the rest of the Yarra Valley. This, together with the North side of the fire complex, is a HUGE blaze. I'm amazed that the authorities have been able to control it. Really, you have to admire the fire fighters and other associated personnel. Most of them are volunteers. It's been over three weeks now, of constant firefighting and vigilance. They must be exhausted. Help has come in from other states and from other countries - more welcome than you could ever imagine!
They say that Tuesday is the next day to worry about as very strong winds are predicted. It's the wind that caused all that devastation on "Black Saturday" as it fanned the flames faster than anyone could believe. Or escape from.
But, because of what happened that day, now everyone just evacuates. The lesson has been learned at huge cost.

And....I've finally moved into my new abode. It's a smaller room than I've had but lots more space around the property. Of course, now I have to put everything away. I'm not sure what's more onerous - packing or unpacking.

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Janet said...

packing, for sure!!! Glad you're getting settled in and that things are going well.