Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello blog, nice to see you're still here

Random thoughts:
I finished my course, successfully. Graduation's not till December though. Still, I should be applying for jobs now - who wants to come write the application letter for me, because I can't get it going. Confidence lacking? I think so.
The old folks are driving me crazy. Love them to death and so grateful that I can live here relatively cheaply. But....
I am not 15 anymore.
The old man's mind is definitely going. Memory mostly. Physically, he's fine - still plays golf twice a week - 18 holes on a Wednesday, 12 holes on a Friday with the seniors. It's making me angry though that he's not the same. And that subtle touch of childishness that's creeping in alongside the short term memory loss. I don't want to be angry but I can't help it. He's my dad and he has no weaknesses! Fuck!
Mum, on the other hand, has always had a selective memory so it's a bit hard to tell. She still works - part time at the local Steiner school, takes care of the "remedial" kids - teaches them spelling, reading, etc. 77 and still working, can't beat that. Just wish she wouldn't be so critical.

On a brighter note - the AFL home and away season finished this weekend. Saints finished as Minor Premiers with 20 wins, 2 losses. Oh man, it's been a record-breaking year for the Saints. I've been so low-key about it, don't want to jinx it.

Finals start next week - Saints play Collingwood (the team we all love to hate!), who finished 4th. If they win they have the next week off, but if they lose they get a second chance that next week.
All I can say is.....GO SAINTERS!!!!! Excited? Moi? You betcha. September is like Holy Month in Melbourne. Football finals - nothing else matters, especially if your team is playing. And mine is!!! :D

Had a Facebook message from my niece Holly yesterday - she's working in the UK for a year, on a Steinerish bio-dynamic farm in Sussex. She let me know about one of her neighbours - JIMMY PAGE! Has a place just a couple of miles away from where she is. Aaaahh!
'Course, by the time I get there she'll be back here. Still..... stalking possibilities :)
Speaking of Jimmy, got only 15 days left of my 365 day project. Over toooooo quickly.

Sooo looking forward to next year - who knows where I'll be 12 months from now?

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