Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's crunch time

Last round of the season. Collingwood must beat Adelaide tonight and the Saints must beat Richmond tomorrow if they're to make the finals.
Gawd, I'm going to have to barrack for Collingwood tonight. I hate them with a passion.

(Note to US types: barrack for = root for in your language. Root has a whole different meaning here.)

And I'll just add that it's the last day of winter here and it's not going out without a bang! Cold, wet, windy, grey. *sigh*


Shirl said...

go Saints! I forget you change seasons on the calendar as opposed to the equinox. We still have three weeks of summer . . . then it's on to fall.

Julie said...

Ooh, don't hurt yourself ... when you fall.

Shirl said...

apples are falling already, even though it isn't fall yet.

So far I've picked up over 150 dropped ones. I'm putting them out on the borders of the yard to draw my friends in. Also to draw the woodchucks away from the house.