Friday, August 31, 2007

Create a Connection

Madame Snape is hosting her final Create a Connection this week. Fittingly, her theme is "goodbye", a fond "farewell" or even better, an enthusiastic "see you later"! (And a big "Yay" to Janet for her month of great themes.)
1. When I turn the key in this it's goodbye to work for the day.
2. Sunset - farewell to another day.
3. Spring is here - goodbye to Winter!
4. Off on a trip - see ya later, alligator.
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Janet said...

who's that in the bathrobe? ;-)

Thanks for playing! It was fun looking at the pictures you'd post for the prompts!

This Girl Remembers said...

What a fun list of goodbyes! Makes me want to know where the backpacker was headed.... and maybe tag along. :)

Julie said...

Um, that's me mum. I was supopsed to crop her out. Hehe, must have forgot.

Julie said...

This girl - the backpacker was headed for Africa.