Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Things I like beginning with R:

1. Robert Smith - leader of, songwriter for, singer and guitarist in The Cure. Genius.
2. Robert Plant - prettier and sexier than Robert #1 but, dare I say it, Robert #1 makes better music.
3. Robert Jordan - author of the Wheel of Time series. I just wish he'd get on with it and bring out the final book.
4. Rivendell - who wouldn't love to visit, or even live, there.
5. Rock and roll - Hello Cleveland! (a line from Spinal Tap). Love my music, love it loud!
6. Reading - another love. I love the way reading sets the imagination free.
7. Relaxation - everyone needs ro relax from time to time. Reading certainly helps me do that.
8. Ride - great British "shoegazer" band from the 80s. Love their guitar-driven soundscapes.
9. RRR - tripleR fm. 102.7 The most non-conformist and eclectic radio you'll ever hear.
10. Riffs - guitar riffs in particular. Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page - the master of the riff.
11. Roses - I love roses, particulary the scented varieties.
12. Red, white and black - the colours of my football team. Go Saints!
13. Relatives - I love my family. :)


Chelle Y. said...

You like a lot of Roberts! :)

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Julie said...

Hehe, there are only 3 of them.
You're welcome.

Janet said...

mmmm, #2 :-)

Speaking of relaxing, I so wanted to go to the ocean tonight, to just chill out and stare at the moon...maybe tomorrow night!

Julie said...

I couldn't believe the moon last night - huge and clear as a bell! Bastard! One cloudy night all week - just happened to be THE night. Grrrr!

-E said...

I enjoyed your list, happy TT

SilverWillow said...

Great Thursday 13! I would love to visit Robert Plant in Rivendell while listening to riffs, just relaxing while surrounded by roses. Ahhhh...what a fantasy! LOL

Shirl said...

Good T-13.

And life without Laurie is going to be interesting! Will you be the mistress of the castle then?

Julie said...

Hah silverwillow - sounds great, I think we all might come with you.

Shirl: I think technically it'll be Laura cos she's his daughter. But given she's 20 and not home much, I think I will.