Friday, August 31, 2007


Laurie, the boss and landlord, left for Townsville, Queensland today. Gone up there for three months - working with a mate. Things are going to be a touch different around the place without him. I'll probably drink a lot less and the kids will have to learn to survive purely on their own incomes!
And we have new chooks - 4 black ones, 4 brown ones and 1 white one.

Last night we went to the Tav for a few drinks and then next door to the Acorn for dinner. Pleasant.


Diane said...

Does he have to leave often like that for work?

I bet it will feel strange to have the empty place.

Julie said...

When he used to work on the oil rigs he worked 7 days, had 7 days off, worked 7 days. Did that for over 20 years.
But this is a whole new job - building fences around a prison up there. So it's a one-off thing.
And, yes, it will be strange - don't know how I'll cope with just the kids. They can be slightly annoying.