Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Things I like beginning with U:

1. Upper Yarra Valley - where I was on Tuesday, great area for photography.
2. Upside of Anger - Kevin film that I quite like.
3. Underhill - pseudonym of Frodo when he was on the road to Bree.
4. Untitled - the last track on Disintegration. Hauntingly beautiful.
5. Us and Them - a favourite Pink Floyd track, from Dark Side of the Moon.
6. U2 - but only in their early days. Very little since The Joshua Tree has excited me.
7. Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division. Great band, great album.
8. UV filter - good for lens protection.
9. Unstuck, Doing the - another Cure track, from the Wish album. "Let's get happy!"
10. Up - it's so much better to be up than down.
11. Ultima - Underworld, The Black Gate, Serpent Isle, etc. Old, huge RPG computer games that are still my favourites.
12. Ummagumma - Pink Floyd album from way back (1969?). Has that excellently named track: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict.
13. Ummm - handy little word when you can't think of anything else!


Janet said...

I agree with you about U2!!! I saw them back in the day...1982 or so, at a small club in Boston...they were great!

Love how you ended your list :-)

Julie said...

Haha, I'd run out of ideas by then. Never saw U2 live, only on video. Bono can be such a wanker that he puts me off listening to them.